Product Design

Product Design

Product Design



Evolving a digital experience with emerging technology (project is protected by NDA).

Evolving a digital experience with emerging technology (project is protected by NDA).


Seattle Children's Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

My Role

UX Designer, Design Researcher


12 weeks, 2022


PRISM is for teens and young adults dealing with the stresses of illness. It stands for Promoting Resilience in stress management and it teaches four skills that other teens have found important. It targets four distinct areas: stress management and mindfulness, goal setting and problem solving, positive re-appraisals of stressors, and meaning-making and benefit-finding.


Seattle Children's Hospital wants to expand their product offerings for the PRISM app experience for a 2-5 year timeline.


9 concepts of different features and user experiences that leverage emerging technology (examples: location tracking, AI trend detection, mood detection).

What I worked on

Concept ideation

Ideated a range of ~100 concepts for 1-2 years, 5 years, and 10 years

Led a majority of preliminary research and exploration of different topics with emphasis on future foresight and trends

Workshop facilitation

Created approaches and frameworks that guided the down-selecting process in an efficient and collaborative way for the team


Collaborated in creating 11 concept sketches for our research IDIs that helped communicate our ideas and served as a visual artifact for participants to react to

Ecosystem Map

Designed an Ecosystem Map visualizing key relationships between personas, devices, and institutions within the PRISM ecosystem, connecting them together with various data relationships